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Yuletide Letter 2012

Dear Yulegoat,

First of all, let me just say that I'm super-excited to read what you come up with, no matter what it is! I'm not real picky, so just relax and go with whatever moves you -- as they say, optional details are optional. You can find my fic here if you'd like to get a better idea of what I enjoy. I've also listed some general likes/dislikes at the end of this post, so please read on!

Tron (All Media Types)
I'd love an Alan/Kevin story that deals with the aftermath of Tron Legacy, namely Clu. Maybe Kevin made it back, but brought Clu's personality back with him, inside his own mind? (Reintegration, indeed...!) Maybe they *both* made it back in the flesh, and now Alan has to decide whether all this order/chaos craziness can crash on his couch? Maybe Alan goes to the Grid to seek out what's left of Kevin, and finds more than he'd bargained for? Or maybe Kevin is just haunted by his own actions and inactions regarding Clu, and Alan helps him through it? I like Kevin and Alan as a couple, but friendship is fine too -- I'd just love to see the two of them dealing with Clu.

I would prefer something which deals with the Tron '82/Legacy timeline. Including the Betrayal comics is also fine, but I'm not real interested in Tron: Evolution or Uprising.

This about says it all, I think. I'd love to see this done with slash (silver foxes, mmm!), but if you're not into it, platonic friendship also works -- I just love the character contrast here (Alan as the patient protector of his best friend's legacy; Flynn as the wild genius, tempered by age, regret, and his Zen Thing), and would love to see them get back together, whether on the Grid or otherwise.

Please note that I like Clu, so a fic which really leans on how evil and irredeemable he is won't move me. On the other hand: genocide, so I'm not asking for Happy Fun Good!Clu either. Shades of grey would be perfect (and the more Clu, the better!), with extra points for a sliver of redemption and/or a family/parents-and-sons theme.

Warhammer 40,000
I'd like a Night Lords story with Talos and Septimus, please. I'd love to see some Chaos Marine/human porn (perhaps Talos would like to punish -- or reward -- his slave?), simply because I'd love to see something which explodes/explores the idea that Space Marines are asexual, but if you're not into that idea, an adventure (in midnight clad!), intrigue, or fight scene would be awesome. I love Octavia, too, so please feel free to include her if you'd like; the same goes with the rest of First Claw and the other Night Lords. I'm familiar with the series through to the end, so no worries about spoilers.

If you're up for it, I'd love to see a depiction of what the Marines are like to touch/taste/etc; the massive-superhuman thing is intriguing! I also love Septimus' practical resignation to (and occasional enjoyment of) his life as a heretic... he strikes me as a character who has gone Beyond Good and Evil in the Nietzschean sense, and if you'd like to explore that aspect of his character I'd be overjoyed. If you do a fight/adventure thing, I'd love to see the Night Lords go up against the Dark Angels (due to the rivalry developed at Thramas), Imperial Fists (they're so uptight, it'd be fun!), or Ultramarines (also uptight!)

Warehouse 13
I'd love a fic which explores the surrogate-father/daughter relationship between Claudia and Artie. I really enjoy fics which portray the Warehouse team as a self-selected family, and the relationship between these two is a great example: past regrets, future fears, and a cranky camaraderie and familial love which manages to transcend both. If you'd like specific ideas, how about something post-We All Fall Down, or something having to do with Claudia as the next Caretaker, or maybe something which delves into Artie's past?

Some fun dialogue between them would be wonderful, and if you can work the whole thing into an artifact case, that'd be extra-wonderful, but you can take this idea in any direction you like except shipping: no romance between the two, please. I love all the Warehouse characters, so please feel free to include the others, too (though I don't really ship anyone in this fandom, so I'd appreciate something which doesn't focus on romance beyond the level we see in canon.) I'm up to date with this series, so spoilers are fine.

I just love these two and the ha-ha/aww way they bounce off each other. That's it, really -- anything with Artie and Claud being the sarcastic superheroes they are would be fantastic.

General Likes/Dislikes:
-I like slash, gen, het, humor, adventure, action, emotion-heavy fic, fic written in canon style, character studies, etc. Just about anything goes. Content all the way from G to hard NC-17 is fine.
-I like sex and/or violence to pretty much any degree -- I'm fine with dubcon and often out-and-out noncon, though torturefic-for-torture's-sake often doesn't do it for me.
-I like villains (and thus thoughtful explorations of power, cruelty, control, the willingness to do bad things for good (or bad!) ends, etc.)
-I like themes of parents and children, free will, programming and mind control, resistance and surrender, rebellion, order and chaos, machines and people (and explorations of what makes such beings "real"), technology, family versus duty/ambition, shades of grey and ambiguity, etc. Thinky-thoughts are generally good.
-I like my kinks: size, body/facial hair, a dash of power struggle, and some genuine warmth to go along with it.

-I don't like character-bashing, pairing-bashing, or idea-bashing. Which is not to say I want a fic full of 100% positive portrayals, just that I'd rather see something closer to canon than something that's really down on one or two characters.
-I don't like heavy religious themes. If it's present in the canon, given a different twist, and/or explored with care it's fine -- I love the program/User theme in Tron -- but otherwise it's just not my thing.
-I don't like underage sex, scat or water sports (though mild blood play can be OK, and semen play is awesome), or AUs which go too far afield. What-ifs which arise from canon are wonderful, but fics where the characters suddenly have wings, fangs, a career which is totally unrelated to canon, a complicated hidden lifestyle, or a magical baby aren't my favorites.
-Holiday-themed fic is not my favorite thing, although it's fine if it's consistent with canon (for example, Warehouse 13 has had holiday episodes, so a holiday fic would fit.)

I hope this helps -- please feel free to leave an anonymous comment or contact me through the yule-mods if you need to. Lastly: thank you thank you thank you! <3
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