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I had an amazing Yuletide this year -- I got two new fics and a couple of short treats! \o/ Here they are:

Gaunt's Ghosts - Be Bloody, Bold and Resolute: This is the funniest thing ever, full of humor and adventure and pure Warhammer 40K crack. I loved how the author worked the Bragg/Larks pairing into the story!

Patlabor - Training Manuvers: A PATLABOR STORY! And everyone's in it and it's a wonderful slice-of-life and it's rich in detail about the Labors. I especially love how the author brought the story up to date, as Patlabor was always supposed to be "about ten years in the future". <3

Gaunt's Ghosts - Third Time's the Charm and For Luck: Two treats, two glimpses at Bragg and Larkin. I love these two together, and I couldn't be happier with these -- both hit just the right note.
Tags: yuletide
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